Your Journey to Thrive


What it looks like to work with Brooke .



First, we work together to find the root cause of your symptoms by:

  • Reviewing your health and medical history

  • Discussing your current and past symptoms

  • Gathering data from other health professionals you’ve worked with

  • Ordering additional lab testing as necessary (DUTCH hormone testing, Nutrigenomics genetic testing, GI MAP gut health analysis, and/or food intolerance testing)



Nourish & Heal

After digging down to the root cause of your symptoms, I will build a personalized action plan from a combination of evidence-based medical nutrition therapy, mind and body therapy, healing foods and supplements. You will receive a unique, detailed plan that is focused on healing your body from the inside out. 




Feeling better is great, but I want you to thrive! Focusing on the root cause of your health concerns will allow your body to heal and achieve your health goals. Whether your goals include digestive wellness, hormone balance, improved fertility or something else, I will provide unlimited support every step of the way.